Following the routine exam, a contact lens exam can be provided. Once you and your doctor have made a determination on what type of contact lenses are right for you, a measurement of the curvature of your eye will be made using an instrument known as a keratometer.

The basic measurements taken by the keratometer will be added to the additional computerized measurements, taken by a corneal topography machine, to give the optometrist an accurate measurement of the curvature of your eye. These measurements will help your doctor determine the size of your contact lenses.

Other measurements may also be taken by your eye doctor. Patients could have measurements taken of their pupil and iris, as well as a tear film evaluation. Your optometrist may want to measure your body’s ability to produce tears.


Once the contact lens exam is complete, the doctor may choose to trial you in a pair of contacts to test a certain brand or style and how compatible you are with that lens. This is especially important if you are new to contact lenses.

Once you complete a brief trial period, our contact lens technician will order you your annual supply of contacts which will last you until your following annual exam! To make it more convenient for our patients, we also can ship an annual supply of contacts directly to your home or work as well for no additional charge.

PRICING: We routinely review our prices in comparison to online and brick-and-mortar retailers to be sure that our patients are getting the best deal for the best products. To make your experience smooth and seamless, we offer rebates on annual supplies of contact lenses so that you will have no worries until your next appointment. If ever your prescription changes in between exam visits, we will replace any unopened boxes of lenses purchased from our office at no additional charge.

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