How much does an exam cost?

This depends on the doctor and the exam. We offer various different types of exams at our office from routine vision exams to comprehensive medical exams. Depending on the doctor and the diagnoses of  your eye, we typically tell our patients that an exam is as much as $210 and our contact lens exams are anywhere between $75-$150 (which is separate from a routine eye exam and is generally not covered by medical insurances). Keep in mind, this is before your insurance co-pays and most insurances provide you with a co-pay amount. Call your insurance to verify what your benefits are.

Will I be dilated at my exam?

This depends on the doctor and the exam. There are times that you may not be required to be dilated, but sometimes dilation is necessary. Most patients are still comfortable driving after dilation. It is best to be prepared for dilation in the event that the doctor finds it necessary. This would mean coming to the appointment with a pair of sunglasses. 

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

It is always helpful when patients bring their last pair or most recent pair of glasses or contacts with them. This can give the doctor an idea of what prescription you are currently wearing and how it needs to be adjusted. If you do not have your glasses or contacts available, contact your previous eye doctor and see if they can send us your last prescription to our fax or email (see "Contact" page). If you have a list of medications, surgical, or medical history you should also bring this with you to the appointment. You should also have your insurance card, photo ID, and a form of payment with you at the time of your appointment.

Am I a suitable candidate for Lasik?

Dr. Manzo can perform a Lasik screening with you to determine this. There are multiple different factors that can qualify or disqualify you as a candidate for Lasik. After the Lasik screening, if you are deemed a suitable candidate for Lasik, we would have you return and see Dr. Manzo for a full consultation. See our "Lasik" tab for more details!


Can I drive after Lasik?

Dr. Manzo will indicate when you are cleared to drive following the surgery. Typically, his patients are able to drive after their one day postoperative follow-up. Occasionally, he may request that you refrain from driving longer. Dr. Manzo will you give all necessary instructions following your surgery. 


When can I get back to work after cataract or Lasik surgery?

We typically tell our patients that you could return to work the following day. Some of our patients do and some prefer to take an additional day of healing. This is all entirely up to the patient. 

Is cataract surgery safe?

Like any surgery, there are always risks. Dr. Manzo will go over all of the risks with you at the time of your consultation.

How much does cataract surgery cost? 
The cost of cataract surgery has many variables and therefore we cannot state one general cost. Your specific insurance plan, the type of anesthetic, the type of lens, and many other variables affect the final cost of cataract surgery. Please call your insurance 

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