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What is the one thing that seems to always take the back burner during summer vacation? The kids doctor appointments, especially the eye doctor. It's difficult to remember to get those kiddo's to the eye doctor when they're not complaining about their vision. The important part is, we are here to remind you!

Here are some of the facts about your children and their eye care from Optometric Management:


Early Exams. Half (50.1%) of parents in the U.S. do not bring their school-age children for a back-to-school eye exam.(1) And, only 10% of kids from birth through age five have ever had an eye exam.(2)

Childhood. In fact, according to The Vision Council,3 35.5% of parents with kids still at home report that those young people have never been to an eye doctor.

Development. Perhaps the strongest argument for parents getting their children’s eyes examined is the fact that 90% of brain development occurs between birth and five years of age.(4) THE PROBLEM

Untreated. One in four school-age kids have an undetected or untreated vision problem.(5)

Learning. Considering that up to 90% of learning is acquired through a child’s visual system, good vision is imperative.(6)


Age. The American Optometric Association recommends that kids have their first comprehensive vision assessment at six months of age.(7) That’s to make sure the eyes work together, as well as for early detection of vision problems.

Frequency. The AOA also recommends that the six-month exam be followed by comprehensive eye exams at ages three as well as five…and then annually for the duration of the child’s years in school.(7)


Performance. According to the National Commission on Vision and Health, “Children who are successfully treated for their eye problems show increased performance in school, [including] improved grades and higher scores on standardized tests.”(8)


  1. VSP Vision Care and YouGov survey, "How Parents 'See' Eye Health"


  3. The Vision Council February 2018 Vision Council Vision Watch 2018 Parent-Child Vision Care Report






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