Can I Use My FSA/HSA?

Can I use my FSA or HSA card? What can I use it for?

Great question!

The FSA and HSA cards can be tricky. They give them to you and then they don't explain how or where to use it. We can't tell you all the places you can use it, but we can at least tell you what it can be used for in the eye care industry.

To sum it up quickly - almost everything from your eye doctor can be purchased with an HSA/FSA card. This includes: - Prescription eyeglasses

- Contact lenses

- Co-Pay's and deductibles


- Cataract Surgery

When should you ask questions? If you're unsure if your HSA will cover your expense, check with your provider. Some things such as glasses chains or accessories or non-prescription glasses may not be covered. This simply depends on the provider and varies for everyone.

One thing to note - HSA and FSA cards have different expiration dates in terms of how long the funds are available. FSA cards typically have to be used in full within that calendar year, while HSA cards are normally allowed to accumulate over time. Make sure you verify how your specific card works with your provider so you don't miss out on health funds.

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