How do I choose my LASIK surgeon?

These days there are so many places offering LASIK! Every time we turn on the radio we hear "$299 an eye LASIK!". How do we know where to go and which doctor to choose? First off, the advertisements you hear for this inexpensive LASIK typically is that inexpensive ONLY if you have the lowest prescription (-0.50 for example). They have a tiered pricing schedule that increases based on the "need" for LASIK. Most people who have a -0.50 prescription are not getting LASIK since they are usually able to function without glasses even. The people who need LASIK have a prescription that looks more like a -7.00.

We priced according to the REAL industry average and not the advertised one. We don't want to mislead our patients into thinking that their LASIK will be $600 just to get them in the door only to add on other administrative fees, facility fees, higher prescription fees, and more. We want our patients to be prepared for the cost and to understand the final outcome, which is why we list it on our website (almost unheard of!). Check out our "LASIK" page under the "Our Services" tab to find out about our LASIK price and what it includes!

We believe that honesty is the best policy and we know that our patients trust Dr. Manzo. Quality comes before everything to Dr. Manzo and being thorough and upfront from the beginning is how we interact with each and every patient.

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