I had LASIK!

Even working for Manzo Eye Care and working in the eye care industry, LASIK was still intimidating. You can't know what to expect until you have experienced it first hand. The entire procedure was painless...yes, PAINLESS! There's a feeling of pressure during some points, but I was AMAZED at how painless the entire process was. I couldn't believe I had not done this sooner. I see better now than I did with my glasses! There's some residual "redness" in my eyes still (today marks 2 weeks since my procedure). All-in-all, everything went much quicker, smoother, and painlessly than I would have anticipated.

Here's what to expect if you are having LASIK from Dr. Manzo:

You will arrive at the surgery center an hour before your scheduled LASIK surgery. This is so that the technicians and assistants can give you numbing drops, sterilize your eye and eye area to prevent infection, and also a Valium (gotta calm those nerves!). Then, you lay on a reclining chair where the surgery will be performed. You feel some pressure in the first eye where they use a suction like tool to create a flap in order to laser your eye, then repeat for the second eye. Dr. Manzo uses a small tool to lift your flap so he can laser the corneal tissue underneath. Creating the flap helps your eye heal faster and is less painful than lasering straight through your cornea. Once the flap is created and lifted, they initiate the laser for the first eye. Depending on your prescription, the laser takes anywhere between 3 seconds to 50 seconds (really, I swear!) and once the laser does it's job Dr. Manzo will smooth your flap back down (he will even announce that you feel a weird sensation). You wait two minutes to ensure that the flap is smoothed out and set in it's proper place. Then...repeat! Eye #2. Once the process is complete on the second eye, you can get up and walk out! It's a little blurry for the first couple hours and I experienced sensitivity to light for a few hours as well which is not unusual. The first few days following surgery I also had some sensitivity to glare from headlights (also not unusual), but this got drastically better after the first week.

The biggest advice you can get: FOLLOW YOUR DIRECTIONS! Don't use your phone or tablets or computers that day if you are advised not to. Use your drops as directed. I used preservative free tear drops almost every 30 minutes while awake and I have almost no dryness now, it helped immensely! All the drops are given to you for a reason (to prevent infections, to help your eye heal, etc. etc.). Make sure you use them as you should. Oh, and wear your shield!

Picture 1: Day 1 right after getting home from surgery

Picture 2: Day 1 the night of surgery

Picture 3: Exactly 2 weeks after the surgery.

The redness is from the suction like tool that is used to create the flap. The redness is NOT painful in any way, just not cosmetically preferred.

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